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Have you ever been curious about the anatomy of a KimKap,
or how a KimKap is made?
Each and every Kap is made with love and attention to detail. Our high-quality fabrics are personally selected by Kim herself, one of her favorite parts about creating such cute Kaps!
Decisions are made, including what styles to offer each particular print and if an adorable coordinating band would be complimentary to that pattern.
The fabrics are then laid out and cut with care into the styles they will become before they head to the sewing room where they are stitched with love by our talented seamstresses.
Will they get a toggle closure or adorable fabric ties?
Maybe a set of fabulous ribbons and a pony-pouch?
A KimKaps tag is the final step and the Kaps are now ready for inspection before being packaged and added to the shelves where they wait in excited anticipation to be purchased and shipped directly to you, our incredible KimKappers!
To learn more about each of our unique styles, see the photos below or view our Style Guide.You can also email any questions to us at

and we’d be happy to help you find the perfect fit!


Kimkaps cute scrub hats
Kimkaps cute scrub hat style 2
kimkaps cute scrub hat style 3
kimkaps cute scrub hat style 4
kimkaps cute scrub hat style 5
kimkaps cute scrub hat style 6kimkaps cute scrub hat style 6 1/2
kimkaps cute scrub hat style 7kimkaps cute scrub hat style 7 1/2
kimkaps cute scrub hat style style 8

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