KimKaps 2022 Cyber Monday Sale

Our Black Friday deals continue through tonight at midnight for Cyber Monday

Save 20% on all clothing and accessories

Not only are we extending our Black Friday 3 Free Scrub hat offer we’re also offering 20% off all accessories and clothing. This is perfect chance to find the perfect gift for your favorite co-worker or maybe even yourself!

Here’s how it works: Simply shop for two or more of your favorite hats, and at the shopping cart page, your FREE choices will appear! Select the styles you want from the 3 FREE patterns available, and add click the update cart button to confirm your choices. 

When you buy ANY 2 hats:
You can select 1 FREE hat from the 3 options on the cart page

When you buy ANY 4 hats:
You can select 2 FREE hats from the 3 options on the cart page

When you buy ANY 6 hats:
You can get all 3 hats for FREE! – We’ll also include a free Black Mask Snap with your order

And you’ll get free shipping in the US!

–Offer is valid through Monday, November 28, 2022 at midnight (MST)
–No other coupons can be used with our Cyber Monday special
–Offer is good while supplies last

Free Hats To Pick From

Styles are subject to availability so don’t wait, order now and get your FREE scrub hats

Available in 7 different styles
Sparkling Snow
Available in 7 different styles
Oh Christmas Tree
Available in 6 different styles

How to select your free hat

On the shopping cart page you’ll notice the free options based on how many products are in your cart. Each time you make a selection the cart will refresh and automatically place the product you’ve selected in the cart. If you want to make a change you simply need to change the quantity and style of the product you want to change it to. 

Please note if you do NOT select a free product you’ll have one more change on the checkout page. You must select each free product you want, one at a time to insure you have the exact free products you want. Check the cart content before checkout