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Days for Girls

Day for girls flyer

“What if not having sanitary supplies meant DAYS without school? Days of isolation? Girls…miss up to 2 months of education and opportunity every year. It turns out this issue is a surprising but instrumental key to social change for women all over the world.” 

KimKaps is proud to announce our involvement with the Days for Girls organization. Serving as the Co-leader for her local chapter, Kim is working diligently with other volunteers preparing these Feminine Hygiene Kits for distribution in Haiti. Along with bolts of textiles, each remaining piece of fabric from every Kap will go towards making these life-changing kits.
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When you use our custom cap option and send in your own fabric for one-of-a-kind scrub caps, you can choose to have your remaining fabric returned to you or donate it to be used in these kits. Find more info on our custom cap option HERE.

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Medical Mission: Dominican Republic 2012

Here at KimKaps we love to give back and help out those doing good throughout the world. Longtime KimKaps customer, Evan Epper recently wrote us about a visit to the Dominican Republic:


Dear Kim,
Once again you outdid yourself and made a generous donation towards my medical mission. I had a successful and heartwarming mission  in Dominican Republic last April 2012 with a non-profit organization called LIGGlobal Foundation  with Dr.Sarah Timmapuri and Dr. Ernani Sedaral heading our team of Surgeons, nurses, and other wonderful volunteers-who helped make a tremendous impact to the lives of the people in Dominican Republic at Dajabon which is close to the boundary of Haiti. It had been such a wonderful experience having known your company because it made everyone look so beautiful while they work. Even where I work – HackensackUMC hospital in New Jersey, my patients loved them and make them smile when they see me wearing your surgical hats and put a smile on their faces even though they are scared of whatever procedure they are about to have. At least for a moment -your hats made them feel good especially with all the awesome designs that you have now. I get in contact with a lot of cancer patients at work here whom every now and then I give away whatever I am wearing of your hats because they love them and I always tell them where they came from.
Kim, again and again I want to commend you for what you do for me and the people we try to serve.Thank you so much for the help you always extend even through the beautiful hats you make!!!
In November 1–18 this year , we are going back to Dominican Republic for another medical-surgical mission with LIGglobal foundation and if you can donate some of your hats towards that trip it would be fabulous. Thanks Kim!!!


Evan Epper , RN
HackensackUMC hospital in New Jersey
At KimKaps, we know how important and valuable Medical Missions are & we commend Evan & all those who strive to serve others. If you are going on a Medical Mission, we want to help however we can. Send an email to Please include where/when/why you are going and we will get back to you.

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Recycling Goes to the Dogs!

 You already know that wearing a KimKaps scrub hat is environmentally friendly, because you aren’t adding to the (mounds of) waste that hospital ORs produce since you don’t wear those disposable hats (nor are you adding to the “visual pollution” of those ugly head-mops..HeeHee!). We thought you might be interested to know about some of our other green practices, such as the “upcycling” of many of our fabric scraps. Some pieces are large enough to upcycle into scrap quilts, like this one:
 Several scrap quilts have been made and donated to fundraising events; others have been given away. But because we wish to be careful with our resources, our cutting practices usually leave scrap pieces too small to quilt with. We want to keep even these tiny pieces out of the landfill, so early on in we came up with a way to reuse them while at the same time helping out our animal friends. We make pet beds to donate to the local animal shelter by stuffing a pillow casing with our scraps, thereby creating a comfy and warmer place off the pens’ concrete floors. Here are a couple of the stacks of pet beds we have recently delivered to the shelter staff:
We love thinking of the doggies and kitties who are a little cozier with their beds!
Do you enjoy recycling or upcycling as well? If you have a story or photos to share, send them to