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Frequently Asked Questions


KimKaps Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How can I contact KimKaps?
A. Email is the best way to contact us, our Customer Service Representatives are happy to help you at
You can also reach us by phone/text at (208)794-9596 or message us on our FaceBook page

Our mailing address is:
5200 Spring Lane
Emmett, ID 83617

Q. How did KimKaps begin? 
A.  KimKaps was started by a surgical nurse longing for an alternative to the disposable blue “mops” she and the rest of the surgical team wore on their heads during their long hours in the OR.

She knew these mops contain fiberglass, which damages and breaks hair, and that their disposable nature discourages environmentally-friendly practices. But most of all, she knew these mops are UGLY! She designed and began making 100% cotton scrub hats for herself out of the cutest and most durable fabrics she could find. Soon she was outfitting the surgical teams in her hospital with her creations when her colleagues begged her to make them cuter in the OR, too! Since launching KimKaps, Kim and her creative team have brought a world of cute to the world of scrubs with distinct styles of scrub hats in dozens of fabulous fabric choices.

Q.Where are your products made?
A. All of our products are handmade in the USA!


Q.What kind of fabrics are KimKaps made of?
A.  All of our KimKaps are made from 100% cotton. We also offer a line of satins that are 100% COTTON FREE
Q. Is there an alternative way to purchase from KimKaps other than the website?
A. You can also purchase by phone or by emailing us a list of the items you’d like as well as your shipping address and we’ll invoice you through PayPal.
Q.  How long does it take to get my order?

A.  If your order is in by noon it will go out the same day. We use the USPS and it usually takes them 3-4 business days for delivery. You will receive a shipment notification email with a tracking number that can be used on to track your order. If you don’t get your order within a week contact us ASAP…there is a problem. You can contact us by email, or by texting/calling (208)794-9596 Of course, international orders vary by country & customs regulations. Please contact us if you have questions. POSIE SCRUBS are made-to-order, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Q. How much does shipping cost? Do you ship International?
A. We offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA and yes, we do ship Internationally. The cost for International Shipping is $16.95

Q. Can I expedite the shipping on my order?
A. Please call us at (208)794-9596 to expedite the shipping on your order for an additional charge.

Q. How should I wash my KimKap?
A. Your KimKap can either be hand washed or go right in the machine on a delicate cycle. Always wash your KimKap in cold water.
We recommend letting the Kap air dry & iron if needed. If you happen to get a blood stain on your KimKap, rinse in the sink with cold water & bar soap or a bit of laundry detergent, then spray with stain remover before washing. Iron as needed.

Q. How do I know what style of KimKap will work best for me? 
A. Check our right sidebar where you’ll find photos of each of our 8 styles. By clicking on each photo you’ll get a detailed description of each fit as well as more pictures. If you order a style and find that it doesn’t quite work for you, email us at with your shipping address and the name/style of another cap you’d prefer from our website and we’ll send you an exchange.

Q. What is your return/exchange policy?

A. If you are unhappy with our products for any reason you can return the unused, unworn item to us at no charge to you. Simply send us an email at explaining the problem and we will send you a postage paid return envelope. Once we receive the item we will refund or exchange, based on your request.
We stand behind the quality of our work. If you find a defect or blemish of any kind with your new Kimkap, simply notify us by email at and we will send you a replacement along with a postage paid envelope. Upon receipt of the replacement Kimkap, place the UNUSED, UNWORN kap in the envelope provided and drop in the mail. Include the invoice or confirmation email with a note letting us know if the cap is for exchange or return.

*PLEASE, no Holiday-themed Kaps for return or exchange.

Q.Can I order a KimKap that isn’t shown in the style I want?
A.  We sew all of our KimKaps prior to listing them on the website, and we don’t keep extra fabric in stock so we are unable to offer KimKaps in alternative styles other than what is available on the website. Because we like to offer our customers a variety of options, we typically only run fabrics once. If the fabric is not shown on our website in a particular style, chances are that it is sold out. We also offer custom caps, and you can scroll down for more information on that option.

Q.I saw a picture on your blog of a cap in a fabric I really like, but don’t see it on your website. Can I still order it?
A. The pictures of KimKaps shown on models are used for advertising purposes and to demonstrate the fit of each of our individual styles. While the fabric options shown were available at one time, if they are not on the website then they are out of stock. We do add new caps each week.

Q:Can I send you my own fabric for custom hats?
A: Looking for a one-of-a-kind KimKap that will perfectly express your one-of-a-kind personality? We offer custom KimKaps where you can send us your choice of fabric and select any of our 8 styles for just $10/hat. Simply mail us your fabric and include your name, return address, and phone number with instructions on what style you’d like and if there’s a coordinating band fabric along with your payment to us at:

5200 Spring Lane
Emmett, ID 83617

Your custom KimKap might feature a fabric that displays your beloved sports team’s logo, a favorite hobby, or the best band in history…the possibilities are endless! Email us with any questions at We are happy to make custom hats but you will need to first choose the style of KimKap you would like.* You will need the following amount of fabric(s) for each Kap:

Style 1: 3/4 yard of fabric
Style 2: 3/4 yard of main fabric & 1/4 yard of coordinating (band) fabric
Style 3: 3/4 yard of fabric
Style 4: 3/4 yard of main fabric & 1/4 yard of coordinating (band) fabric
Style 5: 1/2 yard of fabric
Style 6: 3/4 yard fabric & 1 yard of coordinating ribbon
Style 7: 3/4 yard of main fabric, 1/3 yard of coordinating (band) fabric for the band & the tie.
Style 8: 3/4 yard of fabric
If sending fabrics for more than one Kap, label each fabric with the style & if it is a main fabric or coordinating band fabric & if there are ribbons be sure to let us know which ribbon goes with which fabrics. We will also need to know if you would like any scrap fabric leftover returned to you with your order or donated to a worthy cause. If you would like your remaining fabric returned, please email us at as there will be a return shipping fee.

Q. Can I send in Fat Quarters to be made into a KimKap?

A. Fat Quarters for quilts will NOT work as we need one continuous piece of fabric for the length to make the caps.

Q. Do you offer sports team or University hats?
A. Unfortunately we cannot offer sports team or University fabrics due to licensing issues. However, if you would like to send your own fabric we are happy to make them for you. See our Custom Caps information above.

Q. I’m not sure which KimKap to purchase as a gift. Can I get a KimKaps gift card?
A. Gift cards are a great idea for any occasion and can be purchased at

Q. I read about a donation KimKaps made to a Medical Mission. How can I receive a donation for an upcoming Medical Mission I’ll be going on?

A. At KimKaps we love helping out those going on Medical Missions by sending a donation of 10 KimKaps for them to take along. Email us at and let us know where and when you’ll be going. Be sure to include your shipping address and upon your return we’d love some photos and a write up of the Mission to feature on our blog. You can read more about past Medical Missions here.

POSIE SCRUBS Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What kind of fabric are the Posie Scrubs made from?
A. Our PosieScrubs are made with loving care from a durable and lightweight Cotton/Poly blend that will resist wrinkles, fading, and shrinking.
The patterned PosieScrub Tops are made from 100% Cotton, and they are susceptible to shrinking. Please read the care instructions for PosieScrubs.

Q. How do I wash my Posie Scrubs?
A. For the Poly/Cotton blend Posie Scrubs, wash in warm water. If they have been stained be sure to spray with stain remover and rub two sides of the fabric together to help remove the stain prior to washing. Dry your Posie Scrubs on a low temperature, checking regularly as Polyester dries quickly. Iron on a low setting if needed.
For the patterned, 100% Cotton Posie Scrub Tops wash in cold water and line dry or dry on cool setting to avoid shrinking.

Q. When will I receive my Posie Scrubs?
A. Posie Scrubs are made-to-order, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Q. What sizes are available? 
A. Check our size chart & please contact us at if you have additional questions:

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Feeling FALL-ish?

Here at KimKaps Fall is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate a new season than with a festive KimKap?! Here are several of our current fabric selections that are sure to remind you of all the great things about Autumn.
Some of our favorite things about the upcoming season are the vibrant colors of the leaves as they change & the crisp air as the nights get colder, 
just to name a few.
Don’t live in an area where Fall is beginning to appear?
Well these KimKaps will leave you feeling just like you do!
 SummerSnap Ribbon, Style 6
 Butternut, Style 4, Style 7
Awesome Autumn, Style 1, Style 3
Awesome Autumn Ribbon, Style 6
 Lifeline, Style 4
 Autumn Art, Style 1, Style 3
Autumn Art Ribbon, Style 6


 Not quite in the mood for Fall yet?
We also have many bright & cheery patterns to choose from, 
click HERE to see all of our fabric options in all of our great styles!


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The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For!

First, we want to THANK everyone for being so patient as we’ve been working to get our new website & blog up and running. Our team here at KimKaps is thrilled to be able to share our new sites with you as well as introduce you to several additional items!
As you read the following blog post, you can learn more about the ways in which we have expanded our line of scrub hats to include an 8th style as well as  
two other quality products!
Take a moment to explore the new blog, review all of the great style options listed in the left sidebar, & even click on each picture for a detailed description. Check out the right sidebar to learn more about our company, product lines & websites. You can also meet some of our cute customers or find out about ways KimKaps loves to help! 
Ready to place an order?
Visit our new sites by clicking any of the following:
You can also find us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter!
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3 Big Announcements At KimKaps!

Have you heard the news?!
 KimKaps is expanding to include yet another style option in our line of surgical hats, which are all handmade in the USA!
Click HERE to find out more about Style 8
 But wait! That’s not all!
We aren’t just hats anymore…
That’s right, we’ve branched out to bring you  
that we have been dying to introduce you to!
First up is our solution to preventing the breakdown of the tubing on stethoscopes. Did you know that the oils from our hair and skin can cause the tubing to deteriorate over time?
Click HERE to learn more & find a solution…our brand new
Stettys Stethoscope Covers!
 And FINALLY we can tell you about our latest addition…
something that we just know you’ll love as much as we do…
Announcing Posie Scrubs, a line of designer scrubs that are also comfortable AND stylish made from durable fabric with details to help eliminate that frumpy look. We are rocking the scrub world with these quality scrubs that are made in the USA, in Idaho to be exact. You won’t find anything like these anywhere else!
Click HERE for more information on our 
Posie Scrubs
 You’re going to look so cute!