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Days for Girls

Day for girls flyer

“What if not having sanitary supplies meant DAYS without school? Days of isolation? Girls…miss up to 2 months of education and opportunity every year. It turns out this issue is a surprising but instrumental key to social change for women all over the world.” 

KimKaps is proud to announce our involvement with the Days for Girls organization. Serving as the Co-leader for her local chapter, Kim is working diligently with other volunteers preparing these Feminine Hygiene Kits for distribution in Haiti. Along with bolts of textiles, each remaining piece of fabric from every Kap will go towards making these life-changing kits.
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When you use our custom cap option and send in your own fabric for one-of-a-kind scrub caps, you can choose to have your remaining fabric returned to you or donate it to be used in these kits. Find more info on our custom cap option HERE.

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  1. Hooray for this!!! I am a PA headed to Kenya in Feb 2017 on a med mission with some OB/Gyn’s and General Surgeons. In addition to 2 surgical clinics in Lodwar and Kakuma, we are taking DFG Fem Hygiene kits to distribute. I am so happy to see a company I love (Kim Kaps) also involved in an initiative I think is profoundly valuable (DFG). Hooray for a wonderful collaboration!!!

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