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KimKaps Ambassador: Caitlin

In May we started our Ambassador program, customers could email their order number during that month and be entered for a chance to win 8 KimKaps in the styles of their choice and in an exclusive fabric that was only for our Ambassadors.
We chose 5 KimKappers for that month and here’s what Caitlin had to say about her experience:
Kimkaps nurses wearing cute scrub hatsAs anesthesiologist assistant students we are always on the go from the OR to class and back at it the next day.  We spend our free time studying and preparing for our cases in order to learn how to treat our current and future patients to the best of our ability.  During our time in school and in the OR we can tend to get stuck in a scrub rut of wearing the same ciel blue all the time.  We love our KimKaps because they give us the opportunity to stand out and express our style and personality all while upholding our professional appearances.  KimKaps come in so many cute patterns and a variety of styles that there is something to fit everyone’s needs.  We want to thank KimKaps for choosing us as the June ambassadors for their brand and we can’t wait to wear them and share them with our classmates!!
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