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Cool Cat


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Just be cool.. don’t be all, uncool!

Do you remember when you graduated from nursing school and you thought you were the bees knees? Like you knew it all, you thought you could provide twilight sedation with your eyes closed, standing on one foot. But then you realized on your first day, that it was kinda scary that you had that power over someone. Man, I just totally triggered myself back to my first day and I don’t like that. Ugh…

Let’s all un-puff our chests and deflate our heads together and leave the coolness to our scrub cap swag, shall we? Our pattern, Cool Cat, is just that…cool. The teal cat just tracking all over the beautiful navy blue backdrop leaving flecks of gold in its path, makes you almost too cool, whilst wearing it! Just kidding, we already determined we are too cool for our own good and possibly need an intervention. Ha!

As always, Kimkaps, are made with LOVE, in the USA. You are going to look so cute!



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