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 The More You Know… *insert star motion here

Did you or did you not know, that the color purple, is known for awakening our senses while promoting the quiet, that is necessary to be intuitive to our observations? No? What about the knowledge of the color purple, being known for royals to wear showing higher power, nobility and wealth? The higher power you did know, because it takes a lot of power in an OR room, to work through complications and completely unexpected road blocks. Can you imagine having a Rotationplasty going south, and no one having the knowledge or power to get it back on course? Its too scary to even visualize… right??

To be the bold powerful player in the OR room, get this solid purple and luxurious scrub cap on your huge head!! Just kidding.. its not your head that’s huge, its the cranium inside that thing!!

As always, Kimkaps, are made with LOVE, in the USA. You are going to look so cute!

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