Blue Lily-4


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At Kimkaps we are excited to offer the Blue Lily print in Style 4.  Like all of the Scrub Hats we offer, this hat was hand crafted in the USA and has been designed to keep you cute and comfortable all day long.  The years of intense study of the perfect fit and finish we have put into our Scrub Hats becomes evident when you put on a Kimkap for the first time.


This scrub hat has the same close and personalized fit as Style 3, but is lined with a coordinating fabric for an unexpected dose of cute! One of our most popular styles. As with Style 3, Style 4’s lining makes this a hat flexible enough to accommodate a longer hair length than you would imagine. If you have to cover up gorgeous hair, it should be done in the cutest way possible! You’re going to look so cute!