Good Mood Ribbon-6


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At Kimkaps we are excited to offer the Good Mood print in Style 6.  Like all of the Scrub Hats we offer, this hat was hand crafted in the USA and has been designed to keep you cute and comfortable all day long.  The years of intense study of the perfect fit and finish we have put into our Scrub Hats becomes evident when you put on a Kimkap for the first time.


We LOVE our Style 6 hats, or as we like to call them around the shop, “The Ribbons.” Designed for longer hair but adaptable to shorter styles, Style 6 features a self-lined hat section that turns up above the brow and a pouch for tucking the length of your hair into. Best of all is a generously sized attached coordinating ribbon to cinch the hat snugly to your head while securing the pouch like a ponytail. CUTE! And check this out! If you have shorter hair, you can “hack” Style 6 to make it fit you; tuck the pony pouch up into the hat portion and tie the ribbon into a bow over the opening. Can you see why we love “The Ribbons”? You’ll love them, too! You’re going to look so cute!