About KimKaps

KimKaps was started by a surgical nurse longing for an alternative to the disposable blue "mops" she and the rest of the surgical team wore on their heads during their long hours in the OR. She knew these mops contain fiberglass, which damages and breaks hair, and that their disposable nature discourages environmentally-friendly practices. But most of all, she knew these mops are UGLY! She designed and began making 100% cotton scrub hats for herself out of the cutest and most durable fabrics she could find, and soon began outfitting the surgical teams in her hospital with her creations when her colleagues begged her to make them cuter in the OR, too! Since launching KimKaps, Kim and her creative team have brought a world of cute to the world of scrubs with distinct styles of scrub hats in dozens of fabulous fabric choices.

You're going to look so cute!

Rwanda Medical Mission

Longtime KimKaps customer and RN Evan Epper recently accompanied several other medical personnel to Rwanda with a team belonging to a non-profit organization called IOWD International Organization for Women and Development , Inc founded by Barbara Margolies.

Evan writes: "We go to third world countries like Rwanda to assist women of different age groups suffering from a devastating condition called VVF ( vesicovaginal fistula) or VRF ( vesicorectal fistula) and do surgeries most of our surgeons, nurses and other volunteers come from different states and we volunteer our time, using vacations hours to go there. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to get sponsorship for air tickets, but if not, we buy them out of pocket. I do the volunteer medical mission at least once or twice yearly, God willing. I was privileged to have the contact with who provided our team and some of the Rwanda staff with the gorgeous hats we wore for the mission." Evan works as an RN at Hackensack University Medical Center, a hospital she credits with "making it possible for me to do the things I do to try to better our world." Kimkaps outfitted Evan's team with surgical scrub hats to take on the medical mission, and Evan graciously put together a wonderful montage of photos from her trip. Enjoy!

At KimKaps we know how important and valuable Medical Missions are. If you are going on a Medical Mission, we want to help however we can. Send an email to kim@kimkaps.com Please include where/when/why you are going and we will get back to you. Thanks!