Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions and we've got answers.

Below are the commonly asked questions we get from our amazing KimKaps Customers. If you have more questions that are not listed here please feel free to email support@kimkaps.com or connect with us on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

How do I contact KimKaps Customer Support? What are your hours?

We’d love to hear from you! Email us at support@kimkaps.com, message us on our Facebook page , or call (208) 794-9596. Our staff is online 8am-4pm Monday-Friday (Mountain Time), and always eager to help!

What’s the difference between your regular surgical scrub hats and the Performance Solids line?

Our regular-line kaps are the 100% cotton, soft and sturdy surgical caps you’ve always relied on to keep you cute and comfy. They come in lots of adorable prints and up to 12 different styles.

Performance Solids are our new, clinical-grade solid-color kaps. Made from a unique high-performance blend of brushed cotton and poly fibers, they are airy, supersoft, stain-resistant, and come out of even the hottest institutional laundry beautifully bright and wrinkle-free, wash after wash. They come in 10 gorgeous solid colors (more on the way!), in classic KimKaps Styles 1, 3, 5, 6, and 8.

How should I wash and care for KimKaps scrub caps?

For our regular-line 100% cotton scrub hats, we recommend machine washing in cold water and hang-drying, since some cotton fabrics might shrink a bit with heat. But most of our customers just toss them in the laundry with no special care, and are very happy with the results. Iron as needed.

Performance Solids are designed with heavy institutional use in mind, and require no special care. They’ll stay looking and feeling great no matter how they’re laundered. In fact, our own multi-wash testing showed them coming out of the laundry looking and feeling even better than when they went in!

Satin scrub hats should be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried on low.

What’s the best style for long hair?

With the exception Style 5, all our styles can accommodate quite a bit of hair. Styles 6 and 6 2-tone have a dedicated “ponytail” pouch, but all are adjustable and have ample room to hold lots of hair.

Do you have scrub cap styles for men?

Men tend to like our Style 5, which is a classic close-fitting unisex style, but we’ve seen guys rocking all our styles!

Do you offer sports team or university scrub caps?

Due to licensing issues, we cannot offer sports team or university scrub caps. However, if you would like to send in your own fabric we are happy to make them for you. See our custom caps information below.

Can I send you my own fabric for custom hats?

Sure! According to the style you want, here are the measurements you’ll need to send us for each:

Style 1 (Traditional bouffant with cordlock): 3/4 yard of fabric
Style 2 (Traditional bouffant with cordlock and coordinating band): 3/4 yard of main fabric & 1/4 yard of coordinating (band) fabric
Style 3 (Tie-back): 3/4 yard of fabric
Style 4 (Tie-back with coordinating band): 3/4 yard of main fabric & 1/4 yard of coordinating (band) fabric
Style 5 (Men's/Minimalist): 1/2 yard of fabric
Style 6 (Ponytail): 3/4 yard fabric & 1 yard of coordinating ribbon
Style 6 2-tone (Ponytail with coordinating band): 3/4 yard main fabric, 1/3 yard coordinating band fabric, 1 yard of ribbon
Style 7 (Bouffant with ties): 3/4 yard of fabric
Style 7 2-tone (Bouffant with ties and coordinating band): 3/4 yard main fabric, 1/4 yard of coordinating band fabric
Style 8 (European): 3/4 yard of fabric
Style 10 (European Ribbon): 3/4 of a yard of fabric (We will add the ribbon; you can select ribbon color or we can)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not send fat quarters! They will not be enough fabric for your kap!

Each custom hat is $15 and you can send a check with your fabric written out to KimKaps, or we can send an invoice to you when we receive your fabric--just let us know.

Ship fabric with notes on which style you want out of each fabric to:
220 E Park St.
Emmett, ID 83617

Feel free to message us with questions. Email us at support@kimkaps.com, or call (208) 794-9596. Our staff is online 8am-4pm Monday-Friday (Mountain Time).

Can I return or exchange my KimKap?

We stand behind the quality of our work, and each item is inspected prior to shipping. If you do happen to find a defect or blemish of any kind with your new KimKap, or if you receive an incorrect item, simply notify us and we will make sure you are delighted (and cute!)

We can accept returns or exchanges in new, unworn condition within 30 days with a return authorization. Just contact us at support@kimkaps.com for instructions. You can also call us Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm Mountain Time, at (208) 794-9596.

How long will it take to get my order?

If your order is in by noon Mountain Time, it will go out the same day. We use USPS, and it usually takes them 3-4 business days for delivery. You will receive a shipment notification email with a tracking number that can be used on USPS.com to track your order. If you have a US address and don’t get your order within a week, contact us ASAP, by emailing support@kimkaps.com, or texting or calling us at (208) 794-9596 between 8am and 4pm Mountain Time.

Of course, international orders vary by country and Customs regulations. Please contact us if you have questions.

How much does shipping cost? Do you ship internationally?

We offer FREE SHIPPING within the USA on any order with more than one KimKap in it. International shipping is $19.95, and we do ship to any country where USPS has a shipping partner in-country that will continue the tracking once it gets there.

I have a KimKaps gift card, but I can’t get it to work!

Our shopping cart has both a gift card field and a coupon code field. Chances are that you’re trying to enter the gift card number into the coupon code field. The gift card field is on the next page, titled “Checkout.” On the Checkout page at the top, you’ll see “Have a gift card? Click here to enter your code.” Once you click it, the gift card box will appear. You’ll be able to input the gift card number before you finalize your checkout. Still having trouble? Email us at support@kimkaps.com.

You’re out of the pattern I want in my favorite style! Is it coming back?

We love keeping our inventory fresh and updated, so we rarely bring back a print once it’s gone. And while in “normal” times we’ve been able to keep plenty of stock, these more “interesting” times mean we have been selling out much more quickly. We hear you, and we’re sewing and stocking as quickly as possible, with new prints added almost daily. In the meantime, check back often, and if you see something you love in your favorite style, snap it up quick!

Want word of new prints as they come into stock? Follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts, and subscribe to our newsletter!

Our Performance Solids will always be available in Styles 1, 3, 5, 6, and 8, in each of our 10 colors, though at times some may be temporarily backordered.

Can I order a KimKap that isn’t shown in the style I want?

We love offering a variety of options to our customers, and cut our fabrics into styles that best show the patterns, as well as what is needed for each production cycle to stock the store. Sometimes this means not making them into particular styles, but usually if you can’t find a pattern you like in your favorite style, chances are that it sold out--our inventory moves very quickly!

I saw a picture on your site of a model in a cap I really like, but I don’t see it on your website. Can I still order it?

The images of KimKaps shown on models are used for advertising purpose and to demonstrate the fit of each of our individual styles. While the fabric options shown were available at one time, if they’re not on the website then they are out of stock. We do add new KimKaps each week, usually a few each weekday. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram to get the daily scoop, and subscribe to our newsletter to get subscriber-only news before anyone else!

How do I order a bulk shipment for my clinic and get a discount?

We offer bulk discounts on all our Performance Solid line. Contact us at support@kimkaps.com, and we’ll get you taken care of!

Do you offer gift cards?

Gift cards are a great idea for any occasion and can be purchased HERE.

How did KimKaps begin?

KimKaps was started in 2005 by a surgical nurse longing for an alternative to the disposable blue “mops” she and the rest of the surgical team wore on their heads during the long hours in the operating room.

She knew these “mops” contain fiberglass, which damages and breaks hair, but most of all, they’re UGLY! She designed and began making scrub hats for herself out of the cutest fabrics she could find. Soon her colleagues begged her to make them cuter in the OR, too, and before long, she was outfitting the surgical teams in her hospital with her creations. Since launching KimKaps, Kim and her creative team have brought a world of cute to the world of scrubs with distinct styles and the best quality and prices in the industry.

Where are KimKaps scrub hats made?

Our manufacturing facility is in Idaho, and all our caps are made here in the USA.

I read about a donation KimKaps made to a medical mission. How can I receive a donation for an upcoming Medical Mission I’ll be going on?

At KimKaps, we love helping out those going on Medical Missions by sending a donation of 10 Kimkaps for them to take along. Email us at support@kimkaps.com and let us know where and when you’ll be going. Be sure to include your shipping address. We do ask that leave your donated KimKaps with the medical personnel in the Mission you serve. Upon your return we’d love some photos and a writeup of the Mission to feature on our blog.

How do I use your Mask Snaps?

  1. Place the hat fabric between the top half and flat side of the back half, and press to snap into place.
  2. Loop your mask elastic over the snaps to check positioning. Reposition snaps as needed until you've got them in the most comfortable position for wearing your mask.

    Some hints:

    --Mask Snaps are a bit stiff at first, but they "break in" and become easier to use after being snapped and unsnapped a few times.

    --Even though Mask Snaps are very lightweight, they're actually super strong, so don't be afraid you'll break them when you snap them together or pry them apart!

    --Mask Snaps work on both single-thickness and double-thickness fabric, but not as well on fabric with interfacing (like the band section of a Style 1 or Style 2 cotton or satin Kimkap). If you wear Style 1 or Style 2, try the Mask Snaps in the area behind the band and above the ears, where there is only a single thickness of fabric.

    --A dimple (not a hole) in the fabric after using your Mask Snaps is normal. If the dimple doesn't smooth away with your fingers, it will disappear with washing or light steam ironing.

    --We recommend removing your Mask Snaps before washing your Kimkap, especially if you use industrial laundry facilities.

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