About Us – The KimKaps Story

While working many long hours as a nurse in the OR, I loved my job but was so frustrated about looking ugly at work. The fiberglass disposable hats are not flattering on anyone. Not to mention they break your hair and let’s not forget about the beautiful line indention left on your forehead. One day a surgeon walked into my room with a cloth hat on. I was like wait just a minute…..why are the girls not wearing cloth hats? I ran home and looked all over online, there was literally nothing for women.

So I called my mom and we got to work designing our first scrubhat. My mom moved to America from England when she was 20 years old. While in England, she went to trade school as a seamstress. My childhood was spent sewing and watching my mom sew custom prom dresses, costumes, and wedding dresses.


The first hat we made was a circle with elastic. This hat evolved into style 1 after fourteen tries. I would wear it to work, figure out what didn’t work, call my mom and start over. Once I got it all figured out and I was looking so cute at work, people were hunting me down in the OR asking me to make hats for them. All of my friends and co workers were calling me Kimkaps. We made a web site and Kimkaps was born. Fifteen years later, Kimkaps now has 10 styles. We have happy customers all over the world. We also have a great all women staff of hardworking seamstresses, shippers, and designers working hard to make everyone cute! You’re going to look so cute! Kim