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Medical Mission: Honduras 2016

Hi Kim,
I just returned last night from the Operation Rainbow Comayagua, Honduras mission. Everyone LOVED the caps & asked me to thank you so much for providing them! It was a great mission; we performed ortho surgeries on 50 kids who would have otherwise had no hope whatsoever for surgery. I’m sending along pics of us  wearing the caps Thank you so much for your generosity & support of our group!


Kim Kaps Honduras mission childKimKaps nurses hats Honduras
Kimkaps nurses hats 3 girls
cute nurses hats 2 peopleFun nurses hats man
surgical caps cute kimkaps surgical hats
Honduras mission cute surgical capsSurgery hatcute nurse hats
Kimkaps in action
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Medical Mission: Dominican Republic May 2016

CURE hospitals are orthopedic pediatric hospitals built to care for the children in need, funded by donations from around the world!


CURE hospitals are orthopedic pediatric hospitals built to care for the children in need. 97% of the donations go directly to the children.  People can volunteer and/or donate to CURE hospitals all over the world.
Dr. Bob was awesome teaching pediatric hand surgery to the surgeons in the Dominican Republic!
Dr Bob teaches pediatric hand surgery to 
local surgeons in the Dominican Republic.
Dominican Republic Mission kimkaps
Dr Bob likes to blend in sporting his girly KimKap. He keeps up the happy spirit and wears his KimKap all week. Does he wear his KimKap when he returns to the USA?
Dominican Republic mission boys arms
This is Sair, he was born with bilateral club hands (complete absence of his radius in both arms). 5 months ago a Missions Doctor performed surgery to straighten his left wrist called:  centralization of the ulna. It is now time for Sair to wear a splint to help his wrist heal straighter, and we were able to make him a wrist splint. 
Dominican Republic mission boy playsDominican Republic mission boy has fun
As you can see Sair is checking out his new splint that he will need to wear until he grows out of it. It is too soon for the missions doctor on this trip to perform the same surgery on his right wrist, so for now Sair will just have to keep on playing! 
He was quite the active player and he won over many hearts! 
Dominican Republic mission girl broken legDominican Republic mission girl is happy
Jasmerlyn has constriction band syndrome which is affecting both hands. Anular bands from the amnionic sac are encircling the digits and hands, making her hands non-functional. 
Hand not functional
  Dr.Bob performed a surgery to separate the digits of her left hand in 2015, 1 year later you can see how functional her left hand is.  She can pick up toys, play and feed herself.  
Girl with hurt hands playingnurse and girl play
She is doing therapy with her mother , we are trying to get Jasmerlyn to use her new “index” finger. She is going to have the same digital separation surgery for her right hand on this trip. Her mother is very happy,  she remembers all of the team members and is so grateful!
baby in hospital
Lian Jose is only 3 months old, he has arthrogryposis-this is caused by decreased fetal movement in the womb during development. Extra tissue develops around the joints and the joints get stiff. For now Lian requires stretching splints while he grows and therapy. When he is older he can be evaluated for a surgery that can improve his function. 
Dominican Republic mission friends in hospital
This is the interpreter that is needed in a Spanish community, the 2 therapists who worked with Lian and 2 happy parents in the center.  All of the parents are appreciative of the care they receive at the CURE hospitals.
Donated cute surgical caps
Julila has the bag of donated KimKaps to pass out to the Dominican OR staff. This is the 3rd year our team came to CURE to pass out these wonderful caps. The OR staff remembers us!
OR staff with kimkapsOR staff with kimkaps 2OR Staff with Kimkaps 3
OR staff with kimkaps 4OR staff with kimkaps 5OR staff with kimkaps 6


They can’t get the old mop type of cap off quick enough
It is a very exciting and colorful day! 
Dominican Republic mission donated kimkaps


 For more information on how you can receive a donation of KimKaps to take along with you on an upcoming Medical Mission, email
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Medical Mission: Dominican Republic Feb 2016

Dominican Republic mission little girl
     I had the opportunity to join “Meeting God in Missions” in January, 2016 for a week trip to Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic. It was a large group with many different ministry teams. I was able to work the medical team, which consisted of 4 providers, several nurses, and various other helpers.Dominican Republic clinic
     Our team held medical clinics in several different sugar cane villages throughout the week. These are villages comprised of the workers and families who work the sugar cane fields. It is not a particularly well-paying job. Many of the workers are actually Haitian who have crossed the border illegally, and have no regular access to healthcare. 
Dominican Republic mission school
You never know quite what you’re going to get in these types of clinics. We saw everything from hypertension, diabetes, urinary tract infections, colds, abscesses, and wounds to lice, joint problems, dehydration and stomach parasites. All told, we saw over 200 patients of varying ages that week.
Dominican Republic kimkaps on Dr.
     Kim’s Kaps graciously donated a number of beautiful caps that came in handy. One of our providers specialized in sports medicine and joints, a big blessing since joint pain is a big complaint for the sugar cane workers. He administered many injections in various joints, and the caps helped keep things a little bit cleaner, as well as kept the sweat out of his eyes.
Dominican Republic mission volunteer
Another of our providers also ended up needing to debride a wound, and the caps were helpful in keeping things as clean as possible in an open-air setting. Thank you so much Kim’s Kaps for your part in our trip!
Dominican Republic mission volunteer helps girl
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Medical Mission: Peru December 2015

Medical Mission: Peru December 2015 group of volunteers
My two weeks in Northern Peru with Global Health Volunteers were a wonderful experience.  Our team was made up of 40 volunteers, including surgical staff, translators, pharmacy techs, and warehouse supply and support teams. 
Medical Mission: Peru December 2015 in the operating room
We used the local hospital’s OR and worked long, hard hours to treat patients that otherwise could not afford treatment.
Group of nurses smiling for the camera
We had three surgical team; a gynecology team, general team, and plastic surgery team and in total, completed 118 surgeries in two weeks!  
cute scrub hats on two nurses
Our clinical team was also able to treat over 700 patients, so nearly 900 patients were seen and treated, free of charge!
cute scrub hats on volunteers
The hats donated by KimKaps were a huge hit – they were gone within a minute of offering them to the group! We had so much fun together and it was a wonderful experience.  Thank you so much for your contribution – sharing fun surgical caps is a great way to make friends!
Medical Mission: Peru December 2015 cute scrub hats
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Medical Mission: Colombia 2015

Donated surgical caps

      Thank you so much for your donation of Kaps. I shared the 10 cute caps, plus 4 of my own KimKaps, with the nurses in the Burn ICU at Hospitál Simón Bolívar in Bogotá, Colombia. I went to this unit for the second time with Physicians for Peace. Our goal over the week was to help empower the multidisciplinary burn team to communicate and work as an effective team. These nurses work so hard. Last year they loved the KimKaps I wore (which I left there for them), so I’m really glad this year I was able to bring some more for them. They look so cute!

Thank you, Zoe, for your hard work and dedication to the people of Colombia, we know your efforts make a big difference in their lives and we are grateful to play a small role in that.

If you would like information on how you can receive a donation of Kaps for an upcoming Medical Mission, email with your shipping address and let us know where/when you’re going.

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Medical Mission: Hermosillo Mexico 2015

3 nurses with cute scrub hats

 Hi Kim, 
I just wanted to say thank you for the Kimkaps donation to Children’s Surgery International Mission in Hermosillo MX. We touched the lives of 52 children in 3 days of surgery. The team and local staff LOVED their Kimkaps.
Thanks again for your donation. It was greatly appreciated.

cute surgical hats mexicomexico medical mission cute surgical caps
small child on oxygen. mexico mission medical hatsAt KimKaps, we love being part of Medical Missions-if you’re heading out on one, email for more info on how you can receive a donation of Kaps to take along!
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Medical Mission: Philippines 2015

Medical mission to the Philippines team


ISMS Team ENT mission to Cavite, Philippines

Philippines little boy symptoms
After a grueling 38 hours journey, leaving JFK in a blizzard, ISMS TEAM ENT arrived in Cavite in the Southern Louzon province of the Philippines. Our team was met with a deluge of giant thyroid tumors and head and neck pathology. Our ENT Head and Neck Surgeons faced some of the largest goiters we had ever seen and we were challenged with many thyroid cancer cases. 
Philippines little girl conditions
Many of the cases lasted 3-4 hours in length and our team’s stamina was put to the test. While we ran 2 operating rooms with head and neck pathology, our Plastic Surgeon was handling the many cleft lip and palate surgeries that were from the area in and around Manila as well as patients who traveled for several hours from the hurricane leveled city of Tacloban for our help. 
Parotid tumor
Our team was challenged to the fullest with a 6.5 hour parotid tumor resection and reconstruction that required the skills of all 4 surgeons due to its complexity. 
fun scrub hats on peoplefun surgical caps on men
The people of the Philippines were welcoming and wished our speedy return.
Medical mission to the Philippines little girl Medical mission to the Philippines kimkaps


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Medical Mission: Guatemala June 2015

operating room fun surgical caps
  We’ve recently had the opportunity to send several Kaps along to Guatemala with Angela, a KimKapper who is traveling with the organization Faith In Practice. She writes:
It is an honor to join the doctors, nurses, surgical technicians, etc. who give their time and skills for such an amazing opportunity, to bring a better quality of life to someone in need.”
People waiting for clinicCute scrub hats on ladiesfun scrub hats with patient
 You can follow their service on their blog HERE and for more info on how you can receive a donation of Kaps for your upcoming Medical Mission email us at